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Yaesu FT-450D HF Radio 100 Watts RF Ouput


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  • 400 MHz built-in IF DSP
  • Built-in Electronic Keyer
  • LCD Multi-function Display
  • Bar-Graph Metering
  • Built-in TCXO ± 1 PPM/hour (after warmup)
  • AGC Fast-Slow-Auto-Off Selection
  • Clarifier adjustment
  • Built in Antenna Tuning System
  • Classically Designed Knobs
  •  Included Dynamic hand mic
  • Dedicated Data Jack for FSK-RTTY
  • User configurable functions
  • Digital voice announcement of frequency, mode and S-meter
  • 500 Regular Memories and Two voice memories
  • CW Beacon function
  • 10 kHz Roofing Filter
  •  Key Illumination
  •  Foot Stand
  •  500 & 300 Hz CW Filters




The Yaesu FT-450D expands on the success of the FT-450 adding new features


Enjoy world class performance in an easy to use, compact package.


It employs blazing fast 400 MHz IF DSP technology to bring an array of advanced features to the operator.


Transmit frequency coverage includes 160 to 6 meters.


The receive range is 30 kHz to 54 MHz. Power output is 100 watts on HF and 6 meters.


Operating modes include USB, LSB, CW, AM and FM. An antenna tuning system is built in!


The FT-450D comes with:  MH-31A8J hand mic, mic clip and DC power cord. It requires 13.8 VDC at 22 Amps

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 229 × 84 × 217 cm